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MOOGLI - The brand

The story of Moogli is simple; it’s about finding taste, passion and a little indulgence

Whether it's about you having a good taste, or tasting good things, Moogli will offer you a daring selection of refined craftsmanship. And what do we know for sure? That it will surprise, and please you. Moogli understands that people have better things to do, than to get lost in a jungle of options.


Nothing is certain in life, except for the bare necessities. They will come to you. Moogli will make you forget about your worries, by bringing Mother Nature’s recipes to you. It’s time to allow some indulgence into your life, to enjoy and feel satisfaction. All of that is possible when you trust the expert. And you can focus on what truly matters along your journey; having a good time and exploring your taste!





Xavier Buyse

After almost 10 years in the wine and alchol industry, I was feeling lost in the jungle of products. That's why moogli was born, a platform that offers you a personal and easy to use guidence through the world of fast moving consumer goods.

So let's go back and discover the bear neccesities.


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