Do you think you're more bastard than others because you think you've lived to the limit and that you've tried everything?

Well, I'll be honest: I'm more bastard than you.

Indomitable, inaccessible, spicy, astringent and unique in my kind.


I am sexy and radical, but also sybarite and selective. I don’t fit with any dish and I am not commercial.

And no! I don't want any commitments and I'm going against the tide.


Because half measures are shit! Fuck coupages, finesse and "for all tastes". I look at myself in the mirror and I like myself just the way I am.

Accept me as I am and if you don't like me, fuck you!


I'm 100% meña. A strain that was getting lost, because my performance is a fucking shit. Yes, yes, just as you read it. The olive is very close to the tree and harvesting me is fucking hell.


A brave olive that was planted in rough terrain because I have this ability: I survive in any terrain.


Traditionally, they picked me up too ripe not to have a shitty time during the harvest and as a consequence, a shitty oil came out, excessively sweet.


But these guys from Set&Ros are killers and they harvest me at my optimum point, even green, to

get an oil with character,

as it should be!

La Cabrona 50cl.

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