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What about our websites, cookies and mobile apps?

Entre-Deux-Monts makes use of so-called 'cookies' (small pieces of information that are written on the user's hard disk) on the Entre-Deux-Monts website in order to facilitate the use of the website.


Cookies and what they do for you

Cookies are often treated rather poorly. In most cases they fulfil a clear function. They are small pieces of invisible and hidden text that are placed on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone) and have a certain purpose. On our website, they only serve to provide you with a better browsing experience.


With our cookies:


  • our website works as it should

  • the speed and security of our website is optimal

  • increases the user-friendliness of our website

  • we can use our marketing more efficiently to your advantage


What our cookies do NOT do:

  • collect personal or sensitive information without your consent. The information contained in the cookies is automatically anonymised and cannot be used to identify or contact you.

  • pass on your data to third parties

  • paying sales commissions

Our cookies therefore serve the functionality of our website and collect analysis data (Google Analytics) about how visitors behave on our website.

How do I get rid of them? Or allow them anyway?

You cannot choose not to allow them unless you leave our website.
However, you can disable cookies in your browser settings. However, many websites use cookies that, for example, make online payments safer, keep track of your login details, or allow a YouTube video to be played.

Your consent

The information we collect with cookies is automatically made anonymous. This means that we can never use this information to identify or contact you. That is why the law states that we do not need permission to use these cookies.&


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